Creative Hospitality Group (CHG), the company behind Peppermint Swansea and Bambu Beach Bar is backing the ‘Girls Night In’ campaign which is encouraging women to boycott nightclubs in response to a UK-wide increase in spiking.

‘Girls Night In’ Swansea is taking place on Wednesday, 27th October.

Representatives from Creative Hospitality Group are meeting with Swansea’s ‘Girls Night In’ team to discuss the issue, offer support and learn about additional safety measures that its venues can put in place to tackle drink spiking. The company has already sourced anti spiking devices which will be available in all their venues and are implementing additional staff training across all team members focusing specifically on drink spiking.

Head of Operations, Jonathan Saunders explains more: “The safety of our customers is always at the heart of everything we do, particularly at our late-night venues, Peppermint Swansea and Bambu. As a hospitality company, the safety of all customers is crucial to the business and forms a large part of staff training. New recruits learn how to be vigilant when it comes to spotting drinks that may have been tampered with, how to support and care for people who suspect their drink has been spiked and how to deal with people who are suspected of spiking drinks. They are also trained in providing a safe way for people to get home who suspect their drinks have been spiked.

“The ‘Girls Night In’ initiative has shone a light on a huge issue in our sector and we are determined to do everything we can to work with the campaign organisers to bolster our safety regulations and make all our guests feel comfortable and secure. Women’s safety is part of our ethos and with a largely female senior management team, the issue is always high on our agenda. While we are already implementing many of the safety measures that the ‘Girls Night In’ campaign are calling for, we are introducing free drink protection devices for all customers should they request one. These will be available in Bambu and Peppermint as a secure lid on a drink.

“We want to prevent any of our customers finding themselves in a vulnerable situation and we’re pleased to see this important issue getting the attention that it deserves.”

CHG has several measures in place already and are working on implementing further measures as soon as possible. Measures already in place include:

  • All staff, security and managers briefed prior to every shift with most up to date information
  • “We will always believe you” policy – all reports of spiking, sexual assault and harassment believed at point of disclosure
  • Taxi calling and phone charging facilities

Measures being implemented imminently include:

  • Meeting with Swansea’s ‘Girls Night In’ team
  • Anti-Spiking Devices available on request from all our bars
  • Delivering the most relevant and up-to-date training for all staff, security and managers
  • Immediate and ongoing review of safe space and club welfare policies
  • Increased visibility on our socials of relevant organisations which can provide support and advice
  • Introduction of venue posters promoting behaviours, help and advice

While CHG venues ramp up training and implement new safety measures, the company is offering advice to anyone who feels that their drink may have been tampered with.

Jonathan continues: “We would encourage anyone who suspects that their drink has been spiked to make staff aware. They can help in a number of ways, from pouring away the drink in question and providing a new one through to providing extra security and ensuring you have a safe way to get home. Our staff are trained to be vigilant and we want to reassure customers that we take this issue incredibly seriously. If you are in any of our venues, our staff will always be available to talk to. We will always believe you and we will always investigate.