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31st August 2020

BrewStone | Uplands
At a time when hospitality companies are closing their doors, for us it’s been a period of time where we have been working hard to upgrade, streamline and develop great ideas into actions… 
The reality is, there are many great people currently looking for work, so we want to use this opportunity to build on our existing team and search for the very best who can join us in our goal to emerge as winners.  We know we have to have the best and provide a great service to attract customers, build a life-time value which in turn will propel the company’s positioning and perception in Swansea and Cardiff.
Not only do we want you to be right for us, but we need to be right for you too and to help answer that question here’s what you need to know;
Where are we going? Our short term goal is to drive CHG forward, maximising every opportunity and idea to emerge from COVID-19 as winners. Our long term focus on improving all matters relating to PPP, consolidate our position and make full use of existing estate and businesses that are yet to be developed. 
How are we getting there? By shooting straight and being clear about our expectations
What we expect from you? We are not just looking for a manager who knows the basics of management, nor is it simply a manager knowing about every type of cocktail, spirit or liqueur and how to drink it ‘properly’. We are specifically looking for managers that have a combination of a number of things, most importantly a ‘wow’ personality and a laser-sharp positive attitude.  

Be prepared to work harder than you ever have before
Know the industry, how to operate the bar, FOH and kitchen
A ‘wow’ factor in hospitality skills
Be the best boss your team has ever had
Trigger good performance and give staff a sense of ownership  in their work
Taylor to different learning styles
Flexible and adaptable to fast changing environments
Keep evolving
Capitalise on unique strengths within the team
Be frugal with time and money

What’s in it for you? Apart from your pay on time every week, you will also get to enjoy; 
50% off across our whole estate; Weekly incentives; Summer and Christmas party’s and a working family._______________________________________________________________________________________
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