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20th April 2021

Frango | Uplands
Our product is as authentic as it comes. We use a rotating grill as a way to ensure consistency of cooking but everything else is very much done the old fashion way, from the ingredients in the marinade, what’s inside each of our sauces, the overnight marinating process, the fully cooking over charcoal and the simple sides to go with it, we haven’t “anglicised” this product at all and we are looking for people who are not scared of hard graft but more importantly, are prepared to share the love of our product with our customers and be happy to explain to our customer what our product is all about. 
Frango is a takeaway but requires the service of a friendly family run restaurant mentality where we connect with our customers and provide genuine hospitality.
Everyone needs to be able to perform all functions which include:

Customer service (and the best genuine hospitality you can offer)
Handling the raw product and marinating daily
Grilling & cooking of all meat and sides
Adhere to every H&S, Cleaning and Food Hygiene norms in the strictest of ways (training provided)
1 person will take responsibility for Admin and team Rotas

Some of the skills and attributes we need are:

Happy & Friendly personality. We found that folks love to hear about the product and what it’s about and it’s important we’re able to educate them in a passionate way
Experience in charcoal grilling ideal. Need to be strong to handle the weight of the grills and manoeuvre around the grill. We expect some folks to take more prominent roles over the grill vs customer facing role dispensing sides.
Need to be switched working systematically fast and efficient.


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