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20th April 2021

The Kickstart Scheme
The government have introduced a new Kickstart Scheme to give young people aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit the chance to build their confidence and skills in the workplace, and to gain experience that will improve their chances of going on to find long- term, sustainable work. As we appreciate that great people have to start somewhere we have teamed up with the Kickstart scheme and created a bunch of new roles within Creative Hospitality Group from waiting staff, bartenders and chefs to head office support roles in HR, marketing, finance and maintenance.
So if you are currently aged between 16-24, claiming universal credits and looking to start your career in Hospitality we look forward to hearing from you…
About the Job
To ensure that trades and operatives on site are adhering to current coronavirus legislation for the safety of everyone on site. 
Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Follow the CHG COVID 19 Playbook guidelines: 
Ensure practical operational changes (music, seating etc) are adhered to at all times.
Training and Education (community must be aware of our processes when visiting)
Manage customers by providing clear information and ensuring that they maintain distance from other guests.
Manage staff by providing clear information and ensuring that they maintain distance from other guests.
Ensure management has provided full training to all staff before working in a venue
Cleaning throughout the day. 
Historically, in hospitality you should be discreet and swift when cleaning and clearing but we actively encourage the opposite as a way to reassure our customers that we’re taking every step to keep them safe whilst with us.
Digital (Trail) and paper checklists must be in place for all CV19 cleaning protocols. 
Make sure we adhere to the highest of standards of Personal Hygiene and display an impeccable presentation of ourselves as a way to reassure our guests that our Personal Hygiene matches their expectations.
Make sure all open venues have the correct signage to reassure people of our actions.

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