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20th April 2021

The Kickstart Scheme
The government have introduced a new Kickstart Scheme to give young people aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit the chance to build their confidence and skills in the workplace, and to gain experience that will improve their chances of going on to find long- term, sustainable work. As we appreciate that great people have to start somewhere we have teamed up with the Kickstart scheme and created a bunch of new roles within Creative Hospitality Group from waiting staff, bartenders and chefs to head office support roles in HR, marketing, finance and maintenance.So if you are currently aged between 16-24, claiming universal credits and looking to start your career in Bartending we look forward to hearing from you…
About the Role
Our aim is to develop the bartender to be awesome. However, to be awesome it will need youto possess a high level of enthusiasm, passion and pride for the industry.  We want to drive a business where we don’t just deliver a service but genuine hospitality.For you personally this role is about growing you as an individual and making you conscious of your behaviour and the impact every decision has on others.  

Able to serve the customers in the manner and style suited to our brand
Identify all 7 different types of guests and accommodate them accordingly
Adequate Bar Skills

Able to make all drinks to specification 
Able to demonstrate correct bartending techniques

Great Knowledge of our Products.

Talk to customers’ listen to their needs and preferences and make recommendations
Score above 80% in cocktail Spec test

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